All about fashion colors

(by Amber Saban)

So, you want to try a bold bright fashion color? Daring to change your hair can be daunting with so many unknowns. How do I achieve the brilliant colors I see in photographs? How can I maintain it at home for longer? How do I keep my hair from becoming unhealthy? This blog will help answer a lot of your questions.

Preparation: Before your appointment

For many of the fashion colors (purple, blue, silver, etc.), stylists need to have a near white canvas in order to achieve true and even tones. Bleach is unavoidable, but minimizing damage is. Two weeks (or longer) before your appointment you can begin to prep your hair and make it as healthy, and as strong, as possible making breakage minimal. During those few weeks, less is more will be the key. Don’t over style! Too much heat could dry out your hair and make it more likely to become damaged when bleaching. Instead of using your wand curling iron, braid your hair the night before and wake up with beautiful curls heat free! Deep condition 1-2 times a week and use leave in conditioner or hair oil when styling/air drying. Having well moisturized, healthy hair will help prevent damage during the next step…


Achieving: It’s a process…

Let’s be frank, if you walk in with dark hair and want to have light silver hair, you can’t expect that to happen in just one sitting. But if you’re willing to put in some extra time over a few appointments, you can enjoy the color you want while keeping the health and length of your hair intact. Trust in your stylist to help you decide what is possible and to give you an approximate time frame.

The process itself is pretty straight-forward, despite being time intensive. Depending on the style of your fashion color dreams (ombre, roots to ends, dip dye, opal, oil slick, multiple colors, etc.) the number of steps can vary. Be sure to consult with your stylist about which approach might be best for your lifestyle (and pocketbook).




Maintaining: The rest is up to you!

Typically, for vivid or pastel colors, they will only stay even and vibrant in your hair for about 2-3 weeks. Depending on how much you want to preserve the original color, that means you’ll need to see your stylist about once a month for a refresh. In between those appointments, there are a few things you can do at home to help.

First, using the products your stylists recommends will make all the difference. Color safe shampoo or even a specialty color deposit shampoo (that they can special order for you in your desired color) will help protect your color and add moisture to your hair. Secondly, warmer water opens up your hair and accelerates color loss. Using water as cold as you can handle is ideal because it helps to lock in your color and adds shine (and wakes you up better than a cup of coffee!). Lastly, minimizing the number of times you have to wash your hair is preferred. Using a dry shampoo in between washes can help to extend your style by 2-3 days. Even with all of these tips, all fashion colors still fade! However, having ever-changing hair can be part of the adventure.

Having one-of-a-kind hair can take a lot of work but it can also be a lot of fun. Your hair is the one accessory you can’t take off, so live a little! If you’re up to the challenge, then an unique color can be a bold fashion statement.

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