Beard Envy

(by Jody Miller Johns)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re aware that one of the fastest growing trends these days is all about the dudes.

From high-and-tights to handlebars and barber parts to beards, mens grooming services have grown exponentially since 2013 and we don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

Here in the salon, we’ve always had a steady male clientele.  We believe that, in addition to giving a great cut, we offer a laid-back atmosphere that doesn’t feel too frou-frou, but still seems like a treat…the perfect compromise for a guy who wants to look great, but doesn’t want to work hard at it.  But lately, we’ve been noticing a change in our clientele.  It started out slowly, but is now starting to skyrocket.  You see, every client wants to know what WE would do different.  It’s something we get asked all the time.  “I’m up for a change.  Any ideas?”  And usually, we have plenty.  But when it comes to men, it’s so much harder!  I mean, how many ways can you wear short hair?
Apparently, A LOT.

Once the trends in cut & style started shifting, our adventurous guys were already on board and our curious clients were definitely intrigued.  Some of them took a little longer to hook, but once they got a taste, there was no going back.  Then, we added a luxury product line designed with men in mind and, along with it, a few indulgent services that only a boy would enjoy.
The rest, as they say, is history.

So fast forward to today…you can’t round a corner without running into a dapper looking dude who doesn’t even deny that he spent 25 minutes, used 3 different products, a comb, AND a blowdryer to get his hair to look that good and we’re only talking about the hair on his head!  Once you factor in facial hair, today’s man is spending upward of 30 minutes a day putting himself together and I must say that I’m a fan.

These guys aren’t the metrosexual men of the past…they’re put-together, not “pretty”.  There is something to be said about a man looking rugged and respectable at the same time.  Today’s man can rock a 3-piece suit, jeans & a flannel, or a tank & board shorts all in the same day without changing his hair and without looking forced.  Their style is so versatile that, in a neutral situation, you can’t tell if he’s a hipster or a high-priced attorney.

If you or the men in your life haven’t experienced our updated grooming services, it’s about time.  Ask for a hot towel treatment with your next haircut and, in addition to our signature shampoo and scalp massage, you’ll be treated to a quick facial massage, hot towel, and oil for your beard.  The products keep the hair on your face soft and shiny while also nourishing your skin underneath.  Every stylist offers up free style coaching with every service so you’ll leave knowing what to use and how to use it.  An amazing cut is no good if you can’t recreate it on your own. We also offer complimentary clean-up appointments to keep your cut looking “fresh-to-death” in between your regularly scheduled appointments.  It only takes a minute to trim up the back of the neck and around the ears, but it prolongs your style for a couple more weeks.  Now doesn’t that $30 price tag seem like a smokin’ deal compared to the $8 hack job you’re used to?

I thought so.

Call to schedule your appointment today and get your first hot towel treatment for FREE!