Do the Hustle

Big scandals and big hair on the set of
American Hustle

With all the Oscar buzz surrounding American Hustle, we thought we would share with you what we love about the styling from the film and how we think you can adapt them as modern looks.

Motion picture hairstylist Kathrine Gordon created all the Hustle do’s, ensuring the looks remained realistic.  Kathrine says “I spent a lot of time thinking about what these people did to get their hair to look the way it did”.  Gordon, who has styled hair on film sets for 37 years, also skimmed through vintage Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs to better understand the influential fashion and tastes of the decade.*

In general, big voluminous curls are the foundation for most of the styles we saw in Hustle.  Dig under your bathroom sink and dust off your old set of hot rollers-they are the fastest and the easiest way to create volume and set waves throughout your hair.

For most of the movie, Amy Adams wears her curls loose and brushed which is the easiest look to create yourself at home.

Amy Adams

 Here’s how:
1. On clean hair, apply a generous amount of Oribe Gel Serum which adds lots of hold, but dries soft and with a TON of shine.
2. Blow dry hair with lift at the root using either a round brush or by flipping your head upside down and brushing with a flat bristle brush until all the moisture is gone.
3. Set the top section of your hair first.  Separate it from temple to temple and from the front hair line to the crown.  Be sure that the section is no wider than the rollers you’ll be setting it with.
4. Mist each section lightly with Oribe Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray.  This product might feel sticky as you first apply it, but it gives a tremendous amount of hold and softens once brushed.
5. Wrap the sections from front to back and secure with roller clips.
6. Continue to wrap the rest of your head in horizontal sections spraying each one before wrapping around the roller.
7. Allow rollers to cool completely before removing and start from the bottom and work your way up.
8. Brush through all the curls to soften the separation and blend them into waves.
9. Finish by lifting sections of your hair and spraying Oribe Dry Texture Spray as it falls to add even more fullness.
10. Smooth & separate with fingers.

Now, for something with a little more style or to take your daytime look into the evening, gather your hair into a low pony with your hands and twist while lifting upward.  Use bobby pins and hair pins to secure the twist allowing the curls to sit atop your head.  Pin some of the curls into place and let a few pieces fall gently around your face for softness.  If this technique seems a little to tough for a DIY, stop by the salon after work and let us work the magic for you!

J-Law 4

Jennifer Lawrence also rocks the 70’s version of a top-knot by gathering her hair on top of her head and using a light twist before securing it into a bun.  What makes this look different from today’s is that the sides and front are gathered softly and allowed to wave instead of tight against the head.  J-Law’s Hustle character makes crazy look sexy in so many ways.


But for the grand finale, our favorite look of the film belongs to Miss Adams during the event scene at the end.  Stylist Kattia Solano recreated this look for Oribe and we got the lowdown on how to do it!  This one is a little too complicated to do at home, but would be a great choice for your next special event!

Amy Adams 1

*Excerpt from American Salon Magazine (Dec. 2013)