La Batalla

Recently, our salon partnered with the incredible team at Oribe Hair Care.  Our first challenge was to produce a photo shoot inspired by events that we attended earlier this year.

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When planning for our photo shoot, one of the themes that resonated with our group from both La Fama in Miami and the Backstage On Location styling class in L.A. was contrast-or, in our interpretation, a battle. Between young & old, good & evil, masculine & feminine, beauty & the beast. We noticed its presence in several different aspects of the events-the beautiful women in the gowns and the perfectly set waves with tears streaming down their faces, the contrast in textures featured in many of the styles-joining smooth & sleek with rough & untamed, and finally, during the hands-on styling event in Miami, Oribe himself kept expressing his vision of the chupacabra as “smooth yet rough, rounded yet sharp,…”.

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The idea of these battles resonated with us as we began to brainstorm. Coming from an area of the country heavily influenced by the Hispanic culture, it was easy for us to infuse a Latin vibe into our shoot. We sought out the family-owned Rodriguez Boxing Club in downtown Phoenix-owned & operated by the same family for almost 30 years-and a young, up-and-coming photographer by the name of Adam  Truszkowski of AT Imagery who took our ideas to the next level with his composition and editing skills. Our models, all salon clients, each embraced their character and carried out our vision with the devotion of true professionals. We could not have asked for a more perfect team.

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We loved the idea of styling & shooting beautiful women in a surrounding that is worn and gritty. We carried the idea of contrast over into the hair & makeup as well by blending smooth roots with rough textured ends, showing a contrast between youth and aging with the images of the young girls whose faces have been half taken by death, by showing a sweet, pretty woman in a uniform most often worn by a very tough, masculine man, and finally, the image of the entire group, poised for battle, be it on the streets or on the runway.

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We had a lot of fun interpreting the ideas that inspired us into our own story. A battle of strands & style that brought out all of our most creative expressions & blended them beautifully. We worked together wonderfully as a team & the experience has certainly strengthened us. Thank you for considering our work & we look forward to a long & illustrious journey with the team at Oribe Hair Care.

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