Phoenix, Arizona
Biltmore Beauty College-Phoenix, AZ
Graduated: 1979
Joined SRP Team: 2006

Who are your industry influences? “Vidal Sassoon.  He was a hairdresser, a businessman, and a philanthropist.  His designs changed the way hair was cut and worn and he re-created the basic angles and shapes of hairstyles.”
What fashion faux pa makes you laugh? “Of course the mullet.  Everyone wore them and, looking back, we now realize how ridiculous they were!”
What product(s) could you absolutely not live without? “Gel, mousse, and volumizing spray.  They are the foundations of every great style.”

Bio:Carlos is a native of Phoenix and is the seventh of twelve children.  His father owned a bakery in west Phoenix that he worked in until he retired at 76 years old.  As a child, Carlos would help out around the bakery and it was there that he first developed his passion for food and cooking.  To this day, he still is an incredible cook and brings delicious dishes to the salon to share with the staff and stylists.  Carlos’ long-time clients often bring him gifts of his favorite foods and treats which is definitely the way to his heart.  He met Deanna in 1995 when they worked at competing salons located across the street from each other in downtown Phoenix.  They eventually joined forces and co-owned Salon Surreal for fifteen years before they sold it in 2004.  Two years later, they opened Scissors Rox Paper and began hand-picking a talented group of stylists that have now become their family.  With his station positioned at the front of the salon, most everyone who enters has a conversation with Carlos.  He remembers each person he meets and is always quick to crack a joke with a client, ask about their family, or offer (often unsolicited) cut and color advice.  Because of his welcoming personality and position as a father figure to the staff, he is known around the salon as “Papa”.  With over 30 years of experience behind the chair, Carlos is not only a beautiful soul, but also an incredible talent.

TINA DORRIS | master stylist

Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
Attended: Phoenix Academy of Beauty-Phoenix, AZ
Graduated: 1998
Joined SRP Team: 2006

In what unordinary places do you find inspiration? “On ‘Gossip Girl’…and I’m not joking!  I loved the hair, makeup, and fashion of those privileged teens from the Upper East Side.”
If you could do anything besides hair, what would it be?[/highlighted] “Event Planning.  I love to plan and host parties!”

Bio: Tina is a native of Phoenix and always knew she wanted to be a stylist.  As a graduate of Ironwood High School class of 1998, Tina took advantage of the opportunity to complete her beauty school training along with her diploma.  She then joined Carlos & Deanna at Salon Surreal as an assistant and, under their tutelage, honed her skills as a stylist.  When the occasion arose to accompany them to Scissors Rox Paper, Tina welcomed the change and the challenge of moving to a new location.  A married mother to a young son, Tina gracefully balances work and family.  She and her husband Chris, a Phoenix City Fireman, share the responsibility of raising their child and maintaining their careers while still finding time to enjoy the things they love like the beaches of San Diego, their family cabin in northern Arizona, and hiking with their two dogs-Molly & Penny.  Tina also has two nieces who love to be pampered in the salon by their favorite aunt.  As a part of the team for almost 15 years, Tina is one of the original members of the SRP family.

ALISSA GOULDEN | master stylist